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Since Radio George was officially launched in February of 2008, people have tuned in to listen in more than 4,000 cities in more than 140 countries around the world!

Internet Radio is for real.

I find it interesting to note that's Radio Editor, Corey Dietz, classifies today's choices as Old Radio--AM/FM--and New Radio--Satellite, Internet, Cell Phone.

As I've said before, the definition of "radio" is changing so much that saying something like "There are more than 1000 new stations on the air," referring to Internet stations, isn't as controversial, crazy or misleading, as many "old radio" honchos might think.

Consider this: satellite radio is much more of a reality than AM/FM (terrestrial) radio ever thought it would be. Cell phones and  tablets have become the listening method of choice for millions of people, younger and older alike. (Both XM/Sirius and Ipods have been around since 2001.)

Traditional radio stations stream on the Internet, side-by-side with 100% Internet stations, some of which are  full-time and others, part-time or on-demand. Is it radio or is it a listening service? And do listeners really care, if they're getting what they want?

RadioGeorge, the Internet talk radio operation I launched in Kansas City in 2006, never really got a chance to take off. Two months after I launched that effort, I was offered an opportunity elsewhere that was one one of those offers that was too good to pass up. However, like many of those offers--seemingly too good to be true--that's exactly what it turned out to be!

It was back to Kansas City in summer of 2007. To my surprise, a number of people inside and outside of radio broadcasting suggested I bring Radio George back. After a lot of thinking about it, I decided to bring it back, but larger in scope, and in ways that "New Radio" really demands of "Old Radio." One small example: No songs are repeated across the 37 oldies channels or the 30 Smooth Jazz channels!

Radio George is on-demand Internet radio, spotlighting two formats that currently aren't being offered full-time in the Kansas City radio market--oldies (1955-1975) and Smooth Jazz. As it turns out, both of these formats, considered as small niche markets by traditional radio, have avid fans, loyal followers who spread the word to their fellow fans.

With over 50 additional specialty channels, RadioGeorge has a large U.S. and global following of faithful fans. More stations are added from time to time, specialty stations suggested by listeners and specialty "niche-within-a-niche" channels for both the Oldies and Smooth Jazz formats.

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